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Fast Facts About Saratoga Horse Stall Installation

Sometimes, taking on a project like horse stall installation can seem daunting, even to the experienced horseman (or woman!). We’re often tempted to just hire a professional to do it, which saves us time and stress but hits the purse strings.  When you order a horse stall parts or a horse stall kit from a company like Saratoga Stalls, it’s much easier than you think! If you’re a general DIYer or just looking to try this project out for size, you may want to start here with our list of fast facts on horse stall installation.

Below are a few fast facts on Saratoga horse stall installation that will save you time and make things go smoothly:

What is the standard width of a horse stall?

The standard stall measures 140.5″ from the outer edge of the left wing to the outer edge of the right wing.  Custom stalls are also available.

How do I install Saratoga Stall panels?

If you have wood posts that are placed every 12′ you simply need to bolt the wings to your wood posts.  If you have a free span building, then you bolt down the tall Saratoga divider post and bolt the wings to that post.

horse stall installation

Will I have to drill my own holes? How are posts bolted? 

You will not need to drill your own bolt holes.  There are pre-tapped holes with threads in the posts so you can easily bolt the wings to the gate posts or tall posts. You will only need to drill and tap your own holes if you protrude the door out into the alley or another area.

Is it possible to install a 12′ stall front into a 10′ opening?

You can install a 12’ front into a 10’ opening if you protrude the front by pulling the door into the alleyway about 10″ and angling the wings back into the posts. If you are using our tall posts they will fit anywhere on the post.  Since the wings will now meet at an angle, you will need to tap and drill at least one set of holes into the tall post and do the same on the gate hinge and gate latch posts.

What’s easiest way to install my new horse stall fronts?

Horse stall installation doesn’t have to be difficult.  Grab an extra set of hands and simply stand all the stall pieces up, spacing everything out.  Assemble the bolts but only finger tighten the wings to the posts.  Drill out and fasten concrete anchors, tighten all bolts, and install wood.

What’s the best way to work with the wood during horse stall installation?

First, cut all wood to fit in the U-channels.  Insert lumber in at an angle, the last board there is a slot to fit the wood in with.  Cut the tongue off that last board to make installing the last piece easier.  Also cut the last board a little shorter than the rest to allow it to clear the notch in the U-channel. Add cover plate over notch when done.

How are all the brass caps and brass latch striker plate installed?

This one is super easy… the caps and striker plates are already installed when you get your stalls!

How are the plungers attached into the gate?

This takes no time at all since the stainless steel gate plunger comes already installed on the gate!

Is it possible to adjust stall gate height or gate clearance?

There are 2 large nuts on a threaded clamp device that allows easy access for gate height and clearance adjustments.

horse stall installation wood stain

Does the wood for the horse stall come pre-stained?

No, wood does not come pre-stained.  We sell only raw kiln-dried lumber.  This allows you to stain or treat your wood with a poly coat or stain treatment and color of your choice.  Apply the treatment before you install the wood. Be sure to coat all four sides of the wood to protect it from warping.  Stalls are much more humid than people realize.  After the wood has been stained once, you can touch it up after it has been installed into the stall front.

What kind of lumber should I use in my horse stall?

We prefer and can provide Southern Yellow Pine or Douglas Fir.  If you go your own route and prefer another choice,we also recommend an American hardwood or Brazilian hardwood.  You can either include your lumber needs in your Saratoga Stalls order or use your own preferred source.  

How thick is the horse stall wood supposed to be?

The channels are designed for lumber that is 1-1/2″ thick. If you use a thinner hardwood like 4 quarter or 5 quarter, then on the inside of the stall you add another strip of the same wood in the channel to push your wood to the face of the stall channel. This will fill in the gap and not let wood be loose in channel.

What’s the best way to polish the brass hardware?  

There are numerous ways to polish brass, ranging from eco-friendly to popular brands.  Your local hardware store (or TrueValue, Ace Hardware, Lowes, etc) will have a variety brass polishing products. Some folks also like to use the more natural method of vinegar and salt.

Youtube Polishing Brass Video

What maintenance will my stalls need after installation?

Saratoga Stalls are designed to be mostly maintenance free.  If you notice some paint chips or teeth marks, you can go ahead and touch them up with a high gloss Rustoleum.  Don’t spray the stall, however.  Just spray a paper and use a small paint brush to apply the paint to the mark.  If your brass is looking tarnished, a simple polish will get that up to par, too.  These minor maintenance issues are the only ones that should be of concern.

Does Saratoga Stalls offer full grill doors for horse stall ventilation?

We do our best to keep a stock of full grill doors but they go fast and we often sell out.  If we are out-of-stock during your planning, simply request them to be made and allow us some extra production time.

How are stall divider wall kits installed when I already have a wooden posts?

If you have wood posts and are installing a divider wall kit, simply lag bolt one U-channel to your wood post and another U-channel to the back wall.  Then drop your lumber into the U-channels, add grills on top if needed, a header board on top of your grills, and insert lag bolts through the top of the grills slotted holes into the bottom side of your header board. Add our wall stiffeners to each side of the wall in the middle of the wall.  If it is a 14′ wall then use 2 sets of wall stiffeners at the 1/3 and 2/3 positions in your wall.

How should I use a horse stall kit divider when using a tall 5″ post?

With a 5” post, you must tie the tall posts to your back wall for added security as just bolting the fronts down may not be provide the strength needed for frisky or spooked horses. Bolt through your U-channels and through your header board on both the wall side and your post side of the divider wall.

What are the best ways to install a freestanding frame divider?

When installing a freestanding frame divider, use self-tapping screws through the frame. into your steel 5″ round post and use lag bolts through the frame into the back wall to secure it to your wall.

Do you have other horse stall installation questions?  Please don’t hesitate to contact Saratoga Stalls!

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