Saratoga Stalls FAQ’s

A good, old-fashioned Q&A session is a great way to answer some common questions and get you on the way to developing your ideal custom European stall system! Your needs are important to us so we’ve collected some of the most frequently asked questions in this easy-to-access resource. If you have thoughts, additional questions or concerns that are not addressed in this Saratoga Stalls FAQs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What makes Saratoga Stalls different from the rest?

Saratoga Stalls provides premium, European stalls that can fit any custom, new build or existing barn layout.  Our horse stalls and accessories are handcrafted, but we offer them at volume pricing so that horse owners can afford the best for their beloved stables.

How do I know what my custom design ideas would look like in real life?

There are several ways you can get an idea of what your custom design would look like before you finalize your plans.  First, you can browse through our gallery of existing Saratoga Stalls.  You can also request a full color brochure from us and checkout quality photos of the stall products you’d be choosing from.  Additionally, we can help you 3D engineer of the layout you’re interested in.  And finally, we can provide you with a full color, customized photo of your project.  Simply fill out our contact form for the brochure, interest in 3D engineering, or the project photo.

Can you custom build a different width for my barn?

Yes.  All Saratoga Stall designs are completely customizable, with an allowance of 3 months production time for the expert engineering of your stall width, handcrafting, and delivery.

I am in love with a design I have not seen on Saratoga Stalls. Can you make this design?

Yes.  If you can provide us with a picture, drawing or measurements, we can custom craft any stall front you can dream up!

What colors do Saratoga Stalls come in?

High gloss black is most popular color but any powder coating color can be used. Just let us know the color you’re interested in and we can make if for you.

Do stalls chip and can my horses teeth scratch them up?

Saratoga Stalls are built with a powder coat and zinc primer for rust protection but yes, horse teeth may still scratch the powder coating.  Because of this, they are coasted twice (or even three times) to keep them as beautiful as possible.  That said, a nervous horse can still damage the powder coating. Touch-ups are relatively easy.  You can simply use a high gloss touch-up Rustolieum paint by spraying the paint onto a piece of paper and then using a brush to apply it to the scratch.  Do not spray Rustoleum paint directly onto the stall.  Another option, which may work better, is to get a common Revlon color nail polish with applicator brush and use that to hide chips and scratches. Remember your horse will eat on the inside of the stall, not your alley side of the stall.

What horse and stable products do you offer, other than horse stalls?

Building a quality horse stall requires much more than just the stall itself.  This is why Saratoga Stalls offers a wide range of premium accessories, such as interior and exterior barn doors, windows, flooring, feed systems, stall dividers, lighting and grooming stations necessities.  Some of our favorite products include rubber interlocking stall mats, rubber dog bone pavers, Dutch windows and Dutch doors for the back of a stall.  Saratoga can also provide your lumber!  We will help you complete your design and beautify your barn.

What if I’m not sure what the best options are for my horse stalls?

There are many great options on the market today so narrowing it down to one feature over another can be a difficult thing to do.  If you would like help deciding on your custom stall design or in how to improve your existing layout, please contact us.  We’d be happy to answer any questions and give you the pros and cons of horse stall products and design options.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.