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How to Choose the Best Barn Lighting

Are you looking for the best barn lighting for your farm or stables but feel unsure on which option will illuminate your life most efficiently? Let us shine some light on the features you should consider when upgrading your barn lighting.  We’ll make sure you have a well-lit barn, no matter what conditions or time of day you work in.

Remodeling, building your dream barn is a lot of work, but can produce happiness for decades to come, if done well.  Even small upgrades can be stressful, as you have to muck through all the options on the market.  Once the stall doors are in place and you see your perfect barn come together, however, it can feel like a dream come true. It’s easy to imagine yourself walking through the horse-filled barn, admiring the new look. However, when the sun goes down you need to make sure you can see your beautiful barn by installing the best barn lighting for your needs.  

The team here at SaratogaStalls strongly prefers specific features and benefits that aren’t found in all barn lighting options.  We appreciate lighting that assures energy-efficient savings without losing valuable light coverage.

What features make-up the best barn lighting?

best horse barn lighting

Choosing the best barn lighting can make a world of difference!

  1. Energy Efficiency
    We understand the farm work does not stop when the sunlight does, and the need to leave the lights on can easily raise the electric bill. Some barn lighting, however, is crafted to be impressively energy efficient, usually resulting in energy savings up to 50%. With those numbers, your eyes and your wallet will be grateful for these energy efficient barn lighting options.  Look for barn lighting choices like ArenaBright T5 and T8 Highbays, that are excellent in energy efficiency. 
  2. Improved Light Output
    Sometimes, it seems like horse lovers have to sacrifice light coverage when finding the right balance between coverage and barn lighting efficiency.  Sure, we all want to save money in energy costs but there’s no need to deal with a dimly lit barn to cut costs. Quality barn lighting will give off pristine illumination while simultaneously conserving energy.  Farm work will feel less taxing when you can see clearly and are not worrying about how who left the barn lights on again.
  3. Instant- On
    Ever needed to run into the barn for a quick errand but then have to wait for the lights to warm up and turn on?  Choose a barn lighting option with instant-on features and you’ll avoid wasting time waiting for the warm-up.  Your barn should be flooded with light as soon as the switch is flipped! This not only saves times but is a safety feature that should not be overlooked.  Make barn work safer with instant illumination.
  4. Less Shadows and Glares
    Ordinary barn lights can give off glare that is hard on the eyes and makes working in the barn more challenging. They can also not be bright enough, causing bothersome shadows to be cast about your barn. Investing in high end barn lighting will reduce glare and shadows, which creates optimal working conditions.  Once you have the best barn lighting installed in your barn, your work will never be compromised due to problematic barn lighting.
  5. Instant Re-strike capability
    As mentioned with the Instant- On feature, regular barn lighting requires a bit of time to fire-up  before actually coming on, even if the lights had just been used. Barn lighting should not be so cumbersome! Instead, look for stable and arena lighting with Instant Re-strike Capability. This means that your barn lights will come back on immediately after being turned off, with no wait time required, which provides an ideal environment for all busy barn owners.
  6. best barn lighting

    Don’t let inferior barn lighting make your daily chores dangerous.

    Perfect for Damp, Dusty Conditions
    Barns are characteristically dusty from all the scraps of hay and dirt that gets tracked in while working. You will need lights that can shine bright, through these conditions so that you can continue working in the barn. The ArenaBright Highbays are a great choice for working in such musky conditions. UL listed for damp locations, these lights will be sure to outshine their competition in any setting. ArenaBright lights also are crafted with MIRO 4 reflector provide 94 % reflectivity (optional white reflector available). Bring on the dirt!  

  7. Individually Tested
    To ensure you receive a great quality product, only work with companies that personally test each of their light fixtures individually. When companies take this extra s, any potential issue is caught before it is shipped, ensuring customers are happy with their product. This extra but necessary step ensures customers have the peace of mind that what they receive from quality barn lighting – and that they get exactly what they expected.
  8. Easy Installation
    Traditional barn lighting can be tricky and difficult to set up, which then frustrates the barn owner. Thankfully, a small handful of companies have taken this problem by the horns and created easy-to-install barn lighting.  Examples of easy barn lighting installation may include stem or chain mounted systems, depending on the customer’s preference. Take away the stress of light installation by looking into companies that provide easy installation options.
  9. Longer Lamp Life
    One of the most important quality that barn lighting must have is endurance. A farm or equine property needs a lighting solution that will last, not inferior barn lighting that dies out shortly after being installed. Environmental factors can shorten the life of your lights so make sure to find lights that do well in low temperatures, with heavy humidity, and in dusty conditions. 

Choosing the best barn lighting can be difficult these days.  With all the choices on the market, it’s important to go with a name that horse enthusiasts and farm hands all love and make sure that these features are included in their product lines.  When you get the right barn lighting, it’ll do you right for many years to come. 

Do you have any questions about which companies make the best barn lighting?  We’d love to answer them in the comment section below!

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