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Rubber Horse Mats 101: know before you buy

Have you been considering rubber horse mats for your new custom barn or much needed barn remodel?  They’re a great choice but you may need to keep your eye out for certain features so you can decide what works best for your set-up.

The flooring you choose for your stables is one of the most important features that will keep your horse happy and in good health.  Think about how much time your team spends in the stables, either on their feet or laying down.  Providing an environment for them that is clean, safe, comfortable and healthy should be a top priority.  This is where a good subfloor topped with rubber horse mats (aka rubber pavers) come into play.

Many problems can be avoided with comfortable rubber horse mats, including joint aches and arthritis, heat loss problems, hygiene issues and more.  They are a great barn flooring option for any level of equestrian lover as they provide a cleaner, safer, healthier environment.  And of course they’re beautiful and easy-to-maintain.  The long-term maintenance is a huge appeal but some may not realize they are also cost effective.  In only a few short years you’ll be saving money on all the bedding you don’t have to buy!

Rubber Horse Mats are the top pick for many horse owners but before you choose from the multitude of options available, you need to think over what works for your stables.  Here are some features you need to consider.

  1. rubber horse mats

    Choosing textured rubber horse mats will reduce the slip factor of wet surfaces.

    Traction – Rubber pavers come in several different surfaces so think on your daily dealings and decide which works best for you.  In general, we recommend you look for rubber pavers that have a textured top surface, as a smoother surface could prove slippery under wet conditions.  Slip resistant horse flooring is essential to the safety of both horse and owner, especially in areas like the wash rack.

  2. Drainage – Grooves on the backside of rubber pavers proper drainage into the subfloor when the grooves are properly aligned during installation.  This makes rubber horse mats the top choice for hygienic barn flooring.  The easy-to-clean and drain material doesn’t absorb or promote bacteria growth like many traditional materials do.
  3. Comfort – A thick, flexible, soft surface adds to the comfort of your horses and provides a comfortable noise level throughout the barn.  The shock absorption of a nice, thick stall paver will help reduce joint impact and maintain a level floor temperature, all of which keep your horses much happier!
  4. Durability – Quality rubber horse mats will be virtually indestructible and will perform well in many different types of weather conditions.  They don’t freeze, tear or crack.  The softer the rubber, the faster they’ll wear though, so choose based on your replacement budget and usage expectation.
  5. Style – Many of the best rubber horse paver companies will provide a variety of colors and design, suited for every style.  If you’re remodeling or investing in your dream barn, you should have the look and feel that you want!
  6. Environmentally Friendly –Choosing a recycled rubber stall paver that uses an environmentally-friendly binding agent like polyurethane is the best route to take when you’re looking to be environmentally responsible.  And the strongly reduced need for bedding will make both you and Mother Earth smile.
  7. Interlocking Rubber Pavers are quick to install and easy to maintain, making them a favorite choice.

    Installation – How easy is the installation on the pavers you’ve chosen?  Many of the top rated stall pavers are interlocking and can be installed easily, in a matter of hours!  Double-check the installation process of the rubber horse mats you’re interested in before you buy.

  8. Cost – After the initial cost of rubber horse pavers, you’ll soon start to see savings in your monthly statements.  The sharp reduction in shavings, straw and sawdust will allow you to focus your budget towards other needs.  Additionally, if you pay for labor, you’ll spend less on time that’s typically spend mucking the stalls.  As part of cost awareness, however, we recommend checking the warranty of the product you’re interested in.

With all the options for horse flooring on the market today, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.  Just keep your specific needs in mind and look towards rubber horse mats and pavers.  You’ll undoubtedly find them to be a safe, comfortable and cost-effective option for you and your horses!

 Do you use rubber horse mats in your stalls?  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

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