Are you looking for a few perfect horsey Christmas gifts for the horse lovers you know?  These 12 equine present ideas are sure to stuff the stockings!

Shopping for equestrian enthusiasts can be overwhelming because there are so many potential gifts available. Don’t let the surplus of options dampen your holiday spirit, though. We have sought out the best 12 horsey Christmas gifts to help make your decision easier. From tools to toys to personal touches, our gift guide will surely lead to a present for the special equestrian in your life.

For many of us Christmas means tasty food and abundant laughter with presents waiting anxiously under an evergreen tree. Black Friday deals are ubiquitous, wish lists are sent out, and the stores stay open later to accommodate our gift-giving spirit as December 25th draws near.  Some of us try to send Santa hints from our favorite horse catalogs, and know exactly what our horses need. However, those who purchase the gifts for an equestrian can easily be lost in the abundance of tack, gear, supplies, and accessories that all horse people yearn for. So here are some of the most popular horsey Christmas gifts to give this season.

#12 Smartphone Riding Gloves:

No one likes numb fingers while trying to enjoy their ride. The cold temperature makes gloves a necessity, but new issues arise with wearing them. One of the most common annoyances caused by wearing gloves is the inability to use a smartphone. The glove’s material blocks the body heat that registers with the phone to impute the correct function. Instead of making the choice between cold hands or communication, equestrians can get Smartphone Compatible Riding Gloves. Riders rave about Grand Prix Riding Gloves from that allow use of touch screen phones without having to remove the gloves.

#11 Santa Horse Hat:

Christmastime is often known by its familiar characters like rosy faced reindeer and a jolly Saint Nick. Santa impersonators dress up in their red suits to take pictures with children, giving their parents  fond memories to reminisce about for years to come. So who’s to say our horses cannot dress up as well? offers an adorable One-Eared Santa Hat for horses. Easily slip the hat onto the halter or headstall of your choice for a holiday photo that will make a great Christmas card, or just leave the Santa hat on throughout December to spread holiday cheer.

#10 Horse Jewelry for the Rider:

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend obviously never owned a horse, but combine the two and a perfect gift for a horse woman is born. From necklaces to charm bracelets, horse related jewelry is adored by any rider. has many sparkling options to choose from, including this beautiful heart bracelet to symbolize a person’s love for horses. Jewelry is a safe guarantee for horse women to receive as gifts because it can be personalized. By engraving her horse’s name on a necklace, the present will be even more special and hold more meaning.  

#9 Personalized Picture Frame:

One of the hardest things for equestrians is going to work when they would rather be riding. Sitting in a cubicle mulling over paper work is no one’s idea of fun. When your rider is missing their horse at work, give them motivation to hold on a little longer. An engraved picture frame with a photo of their horse inside will brighten their day and encourage them to make it to the end. is a great site to surf for personalized frames that will make any horse lover smile.

#8 Horse Bottle Holder:

horsey christmas giftsAlcohol and horses should never mix, however, this present may be an exception to that rule. A Horse Bottle Holder is a quirky, humorous gift that suits any wine enthusiast that shares a love for horses. There are a variety of choices to select from the more classy silver equine option to the jokingly drunken horse. Either bottle holder will be a unique and well-liked present for the riders. offers two versions of the sillier horse clinging to the bottle as he chugs the vinous drink. Beer bottles fit the holder just as well as wine bottles would, for those who prefer a sportier drink.

#7 Grooming Towel:

Let’s face it: horses create a messy lifestyle. Clothes are constantly getting mud and dirt rubbed on them when a rag cannot be reached. And don’t even think about the horse that uses you as its personal tissue. For all equestrians, a Grooming Towel would be a beneficial addition to their supplies. This microfiber towel takes away any unwanted grim from a horse’s fur without creating a static-charged coat. Equi-Towel is the best option for riders and of the greatest quality. Save your horse lover’s wardrobe and allow their grooming to be significantly cleaner by ordering this towel for them this year.

#6 Bit Warmer:

horsey christmas giftWinter brings cold weather that can affect our tack in negative ways. A clear example of this would be when bits are made frigid in the low temperature. Everyone remembers Flick and his confrontation with the flagpole in the movie A Christmas Story. That could happen to a horse’s tongue if its bit is too cold. To avoid this, a bit warmer is a necessary gift. There are many different kinds of bit warmers, which all fulfill their purpose. has an option where you quickly microwave the warmer before use and then wrap it around the bit. Many horse owners found this type of bit warmer to be preferred, but others are bigger fans of electric warmers. Whichever you choose, this present will make any equestrian grateful for such a thoughtful gift.

#5 Stirrup Bookmark:

This next gift is unique and perfect for those horse owners who are also book worms. A Stirrup Bookmark can be used in any size book to remember the page last read. Just slip it in between the two pages where you leave off and come back to it when it’s time to kick back and relax again. Ideal for horse related books, but still functions the same for the latest mystery novel. has this leather bookmark offered with customizable lengths and colors. Give this bookmark as a present and your equestrian will be reminded of you every time they open up their favorite book.  

#4 Horse Calendar:

There’s still one more celebration after Christmas Day: New Year’s Day. To celebrate 2016 with your horse owner, give them a Horse Calendar for the upcoming year. From pictures of their favorite type of horse to scenic photographs of wild horses, a calendar is ideal present that is not only pleasing to look at, but also practical. Calendars come in several sizes as well so you can choose the right one for your horse rider. has many options to order that will suit any equestrian. Their best seller is the hilarious Horse Yoga Calendar that presents goofy horses in crazy stretches and positions.

#3 ID Tag for the Horse:

As we have seen, personalized gifts are special for horse owners because those thoughtful gifts remind riders of their loving friends. Now we have the idea for a personalized present that benefit both horse and rider. Engraved Identification Tags are simple ways to label your horse’s halter or tack of choice. If the horse runs off, it can be returned home by aid of the tag’s information. These tags are customizable with either the basic option of just the horse’s name or can include the owner’s name as well. Different options have separate choices of what to engrave on the tag. On, you can order which tag you like best and customize what information you would like engraved. They have several sizes, metals, and styles to choose from so one is bound to work well for your equestrian.

#2 Horse Magazine Subscription:

Horse magazines are common in homes of those who live to ride. Whether it is more enjoyable to learn new tips from articles or to dream of riding on sun setting beaches from looking at pictures, horse lovers adore subscribing to magazines. So treat your horse friend to a magazine subscription for a year! There are multiple copies to order through the mail or online. Most popular magazines include Horse Illustrated, Horse and Rider, or EQUUS Magazine.  

#1 Gift Certificate:

If you still find you cannot decide on which gift to buy for your special someone, why not let them choose? Select one of their favorite tack stores to purchase a gift card from and they can pick out their own present to save you the hassle. There are in-store vouchers available and also online ones. Gift cards make it easier on the giver to find a guaranteed hit with an equestrian. After all, most of us enjoy shopping just as much as we enjoy receiving a gift.

Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year and we express our love through giving thoughtful presents. Anyone who is lucky enough to receive one of these horsey Christmas gifts is sure to be grateful to have someone like you for a friend. So make the most of this heartwarming holiday by spending your time with family and friends, and we hope you all have a very merry Christmas to remember for years to come.

Are you a horse lover?  What’s the best horsey Christmas gift you’ve ever gotten?  We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!