Are you looking into building a custom barn or remodeling your horse stalls?  We have some trusted advice from horse enthusiasts and farmers, all talking about the favorite features of their horse barn.

Many times, when we’re reading informative articles, we have to wade through all the promotional content to find the good stuff.  Well, let’s cut to the chase and talk horse barns.  In my pursuit to build my current problem-free horse farm, I chatted with numerous equestrian enthusiasts on my favorite horse forums.  They were so helpful, offering up their experienced opinions on what the best features of a horse barn is… so, with their permission, I thought I’d share.

 After you’re done reading through their wisdom, I’d love to hear your favorite ideas for horse stables and barns in the comments below!


horse barn

Some horse lovers mentioned their covered arena as their favorite feature!


Q: What are the favorite features of your horse barn?

Tim from Upstate NY – My absolute FAVORITE feature of the barn – the heated water buckets & heated cord around the water spigot. We also have a submersible tank heater for the outdoor tub so horses are never without water.  The bucket heaters run on a thermostat so there’s not a lot of difference in the electric bill.  Also, I would suggest horse owners look to the dairy industry for design ideas on airflow. Whether it be tube ventilation system putting fresh air to each stall or curtains on walls/above stalls with large fans (not 20$ box fans), your horse barn needs great ventilation.

Betty J. Dedman from Illinois – I love the loft that holds up to 500 bales… and the stairs that go up to the loft.  I HATE those “fireman ladders”!
I also love the shelter buildings adjacent to the barn.

TessaMay from Washington State – As far as horse barn facilities go, I really appreciate a sink with hot and cold water. Also, a heated tack room for winter time.

horse barn grooming

A grooming stall, or wash stall, is a favorite horse barn feature for many!

Raphael from California – My barn is pretty small but all the materials that went into it are topnotch.  I scaled down and went for quality over quantity because some years back, my brother did things the cheap way and his ‘custom barn’ started breaking down in no time – including the latches and hinges on the dang stall doors.
In the future, I’d like to add another hay storage building close to the barn but for now, we’re set.
My favorite things about my barn would be that the built-in grooming station and my dual-purpose office and tack room.  It’s my retreat.
My least favorite thing is the front barn door.  I plan to fix or upgrade it this fall.

Blue from Australia – It wasn’t my barn (or where my horses were boarded) but the barn I enjoyed working in most was a little eight-stall-and-tack-room number.  The best thing about it was the LIGHTS! Good lights are a must if you’re going to be in the horse barn before dawn or after sunset.

W Haven from Ontario, Canada – The best part of the horse barn set up is that the horses have access to pasture and the pasture is divided so one can be closed off. The horses have access to a good run in at the back of the barn so they can come in at any time to get out of the weather, flies etc. This run-in has doors on the south and north side so a nice cross breeze is available in hot weather, or  just close the north door for more protection. For me, this is very important as the horses can stay out most of the time but have good shelter and a stall in the barn, if needed.

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