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After being found in a Midwestern cabbage patch, Susan D was raised and spent most of her life on a rural route in the middle of nowhere... which suited her just fine. Riding and showing her horses was the best of her childhood and she continues to have a passion for all things equine. These days, you'll find her daydreaming about building her dream barn or riding horses around the world.

8 Excellent Reasons to Buy Your Child a Horse

Are you trying to decide whether to buy your child a horse this year? We’ve got a quick rundown of points that may help you with your decision.
It’s springtime, again!  The weather is beautiful and your child knows that summer is right around the corner.  They’ve been asking for a horse for a while now and have met all the goals you set for them when their horse interest first began.  Unless your family is already living an equestrian life, you may want to make sure of these points:

They have attended a year or more of riding lessons and […]

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Winter Fire Safety Checklist for Horse Farms

Winter fire safety on a horse farm is nothing to take lightly.  Have you made sure your horse barn and stables are as protected as possible this year?
Though owners of horse farms should be wary of barn fires year round, winter fire safety is especially important. According to a 2012 report by the National Fire Prevention Association, the majority of barn fires, a whopping 23%, are caused by heating equipment, especially heat lamps.  All horse lovers know we shouldn’t smoke in a barn and take care to pack hay properly but, it’s hard to make sure all the farm hands […]

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Fast Facts About Saratoga Horse Stall Installation

Sometimes, taking on a project like horse stall installation can seem daunting, even to the experienced horseman (or woman!). We’re often tempted to just hire a professional to do it, which saves us time and stress but hits the purse strings.  When you order a horse stall parts or a horse stall kit from a company like Saratoga Stalls, it’s much easier than you think! If you’re a general DIYer or just looking to try this project out for size, you may want to start here with our list of fast facts on horse stall installation.
Below are a few fast […]

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13 Haunting Horse Halloween Costume Ideas – 2016

Are you looking for a unique idea for your Horse Halloween Costume this year?  We have 13 brilliant examples, lined up and ready for your inspection… 
When the winds start to blow their harvest chill and the leaves begin to mesmerize you with rich shades of autumn, it’s ripe time to start planning a haunting halloween costume for your favorite beast.  There are so many ideas and costumes to choose from, it may be hard to narrow it down to just one.  To add to the array of amazing ideas, here are some of the best ones I’ve seen this year!
The Best Horse […]

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Fall Fire Safety Tips for Horse Barns

If you ask a group of horse owners to name a few things they never want to see, you’ll likely hear ‘barn fire’ mentioned again and again.  Barn fires always top of the list of fall and winter fire safety concerns.
Last year, we saw these types of fires destroy farms and lives around country.  With the drought a lot of the country has been experienced, barn and horse estate fires have been far too prevalent.  Since an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, let’s put quarterly effort into fire safety awareness. This October especially, let’s concentrate on […]

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The Secrets of How to Plan a Happy Horse Farm

There comes a time in every cowgirl’s life when she is ready to move out of the city and enjoy life in the country.  Ok, maybe this applies to cowboy’s, too, but I’m speaking from my own experience here! LoL Truth is, cowgirl or cowboy, we just get tired of the hustle and bustle and start longing for something more… something natural. We start planning a happy horse farm in our mind and slowly, the daydreams start turning into reality.

But seriously, how do we plan a happy horse farm?  It’s easy to find checklists of the things we’ll need but, […]

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6 Essential Barn Placement Tips for Horse Lovers!

Designing an equine property can be challenging.  Every horse lover will have a list of questions but one query usually makes every list, “Where Should I Put My Barn?”  We all wonder about this because barn placement is so important!
If you’ve clicked on an article that is titled, “Where Should I Put My Barn”, you’re probably well on your way to designing your own horse property… congratulations!!!  Here are a few tips to help you deal with barn placement questions.


The Legal Side of Things
Let’s just jump right into it and get the legalities out of the way.  Living in a community often comes […]

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11 Features Found in the Best Horse Stalls

Do you flip through the pages of popular horse magazines and dream over their examples of today’s best horse stalls?  That dream can belong to you, too…
 When the time has arrived and you’re ready to build your dream horse barn, there are many details to take into consideration.  You’ve probably been planning this moment for years but just in case, it’s still a good idea to keep an actual list of your wants, likes, and essentials. If you’re in the market for all the features that are found in the best horse stalls, this list is a good place to […]

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Horse Barn Features that Make Life Easier

What are your favorite horse barn features?  Usually the ones that make life easier top the list.  Everyone runs their own unique horse property but there are some features that, no matter what, make most favorites lists!

Being a horse lover is one of the best afflictions you can have.  Whether you lease your beloved mount or already own a team of champions, you’ll be spending a lot of time on a horse property if you’re an equine enthusiast. During this time, you’re likely to notice which features you love about the stables and horse barn and… which ones you’d prefer to see again.  If your horse […]

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Rainproof your Horse Stables Before the Rainy Season Hits!

Looking for ideas on how to rainproof your horse stables before the rainy season starts?  We would be happy to help!

America covers such a large area, we have drastic differences in climate from coast to coast and north to south.  Some areas in the west will be under severe drought warning while parts of the South and Midwest are ankle deep in water.  One thing that’s consistent throughout the country though, is that farmers and horse lovers should take precaution and rainproof their horse stables before the rainy season of their area hits.  There’s a lot more to weatherproofing than fixing the random leaky […]

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