About Kristin McIntyre

Growing up in the Floridian countryside, Kristin delighted in the rural life of her modest cattle ranch. She spent most of her days doing farm chores and did not discover horses until her freshman year of high school. Once she found the joy of riding and training horses, however, Kristin dedicated most of her time to this lifestyle... which only made her happier. She and her quarter horse, Tornado, are together most weekends, either riding trails or camping out a few hours from home.

Designing a Great Horse Barn Requires These 3 Things!

For those of us who spend more time at the barn than at home, we know an ideal barn would be overwhelming to design on your own. Not only should it look beautiful, it must function best for all the activities that go on inside it. The stalls need to be secure and comfortable enough to suit any horse that may reside within. There also needs to be plenty of storage space for all your horse’s tack, feed, and barn tools. Nifty accessories can help minimize the time and amount of farm chores that faithful equestrians complete each day, hoping […]

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Arena Footing Check-up for 2017

One the most important factors in a horse arena is the footing. Arena footing is a term used for the ground or surface that you and your horse will train and ride on. Although the condition and footing material that you lay in your arena can easily slip to the back of your mind after initially placed, it has a great impact on the horse, rider, and the arena itself. Having secure footing helps a horse to maintain fluid movement as it walks, trots, or canters. The freshly-kept material cushions a horse’s hooves by absorbing part of the ground’s stiff […]

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Stallion Stall and Fencing Requirements

Interested in learning more about stallion stall and fencing requirements?  We have 6 points that will help you do the best by your beloved steed!
A strong, good-looking stallion can easily become the pride of any barn. Seen throughout books and films, stallions play the role of a knight’s noble steed by adding an aesthetic of power and strength. These horses actually gained their namesake from Henry VII, who passed a series of laws that required uncastrated male horses to be kept in stalls. The name “stallion” translates into “stalled one” because Henry felt that the stallion’s power should be kept […]

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A Horse Lovers Fall Chore List of Often Neglected Needs

Is a horse lovers fall chore list more involved than that of a regular farm? Maybe!  We work extra smart to ensure the often neglected needs of a horse farm are met and dealt with before the cold days of winter are on us.
Now that the temperature is dropping and vibrant autumn leaves are making their annual appearance, it’s obvious that fall has arrived. The cooler weather is welcomed by those riders who dared to ride during the summer’s unforgiving heat, and all of us admire the autumnal foliage. Whether you own or board, we’re sure you’re well into your fall chores, as the […]

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How to Choose the Best Barn Lighting

Are you looking for the best barn lighting for your farm or stables but feel unsure on which option will illuminate your life most efficiently? Let us shine some light on the features you should consider when upgrading your barn lighting.  We’ll make sure you have a well-lit barn, no matter what conditions or time of day you work in.
Remodeling, building your dream barn is a lot of work, but can produce happiness for decades to come, if done well.  Even small upgrades can be stressful, as you have to muck through all the options on the market.  Once the […]

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12 Perfect Horsey Christmas Gifts

Are you looking for a few perfect horsey Christmas gifts for the horse lovers you know?  These 12 equine present ideas are sure to stuff the stockings!
Shopping for equestrian enthusiasts can be overwhelming because there are so many potential gifts available. Don’t let the surplus of options dampen your holiday spirit, though. We have sought out the best 12 horsey Christmas gifts to help make your decision easier. From tools to toys to personal touches, our gift guide will surely lead to a present for the special equestrian in your life.

For many of us Christmas means tasty food and abundant laughter with presents […]

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5 Tips for Winter Coat Maintenance in Horses

Colder days have filled our calendars and your horses are feeling the drop in temperatures.  Are you ready to take care of their winter coat maintenance needs?
Are there giant fuzzballs running in your pastures and blowing through your barn? Winter has arrived! Now is the time to learn more on how to manage your horse’s unruly winter coat with simple methods and refresh your ideas on grooming in general so the winter season will be enjoyed by all. `
After surviving the blazing heat of summer, it is refreshing to ride in the cool fall and winter temperatures. While in […]

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Mud Rash Skin Infection in Horses

Is your horse suffering from skin infections?  There are millions of bacteria living in the mud around your barn and pasture… bacteria that is thriving in autumn rains and causing the muddy weather condition called Mud Rash or Mud Fever. By knowing how to deal with this unfortunate equine skin infection, your horse will be on the road to recovery before the ground dries.
Many parts of the country have become all too familiar with the post-summer rain showers. The rain turns to thick mud that covers our pastures and harbors infectious bacteria that affect our horses’ health. One of these bacteria, Pastern […]

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5 Horse Hoof Problems Caused By Mud and Rain

Are you dealing with muddy pastures or the upcoming promise of seasonal rains?  Let’s review some of the most common horse hoof problems caused by mud and rain, and keep our horses safe and healthy.

Warm summer days are often cooled off by reoccurring autumn rain showers. While we often enjoy the refreshing rainfall, it leaves behind a problem that all horse owners must face: muddy pastures. Not only does mud make riding your horse a bit more risky, it can also affect our horses’ health in several ways. This article, 5 Horse Hoof Problems Caused by Mud, will be the […]

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Watch for These Summer Skin Issues in Horses!

Is it possible for horses to get a sunburn, just like humans do?  Of course!  Keep reading for information on equine sun burns and more summer skin issues in horses.
For horse riders, the summer sun brings perfectly tanned arms and embarrassingly pale legs. We can protect our skin from the harsh rays by applying sunscreen, but what about our horses’ skin? There is no doubt that summer affects their skin in many ways.  Flies cause irritation, sweet itch can make a horse rub until their skin is raw, white muzzled horses are at risk of sunburn, damp weather can create rain […]

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