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Barn Renovations: the good, bad, and the ugly

Leaky roofs, troubled stall doors, poor lighting, and unsafe flooring – is it time to look into barn renovations for your horse farm?
We all know when it’s time to remodel our horse stable but, it’s so easy to procrastinate!  Well, let this winter be the motivation you need to get the job started.  Cooler weather gives you the chance to note anything that doesn’t work well or needs to be completely replaced once things begin to melt.  A winter of planning will make a smooth spring transition for your barn renovations!

Become familiar with your existing layout and property
Only after working […]

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Equestrian Real Estate – 6 essential tips on buying horse property

If you love horses like I do and have been thinking about upgrading from the boarding stables or buying a few of these gorgeous animals, the first thing you should do is check out some equestrian real estate.  Here are some tips on buying horse property.
You adore your horses so you want to do what’s best for them.  At the very minimum, you want your team to have room to roam about on quality, safe land.  This will help them stay fit and happy. Horses are at their best when they have freedom of movement.  Fortunately, there are lots of equestrian real estate options available if […]

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