5 Horse Hoof Problems Caused By Mud and Rain

Are you dealing with muddy pastures or the upcoming promise of seasonal rains?  Let’s review some of the most common horse hoof problems caused by mud and rain, and keep our horses safe and healthy.

Warm summer days are often cooled off by reoccurring autumn rain showers. While we often enjoy the refreshing rainfall, it leaves […]

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Rolex Central Park Horse Show 2015

Saratoga Stalls is very, very excited to be sponsoring the 2015 Rolex Central Park Horse Show in NYC.  This is the 2nd annual Rolex event and our second year of being a proud sponsor.

This 2015 event will be held on Sept. 23-27 and feature five days of multi-discipline equestrian sport and performances, ranging from Arabians and […]

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Rainproof your Horse Stables Before the Rainy Season Hits!

Looking for ideas on how to rainproof your horse stables before the rainy season starts?  We would be happy to help!

America covers such a large area, we have drastic differences in climate from coast to coast and north to south.  Some areas in the west will be under severe drought warning while parts of the South and Midwest are […]

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Watch for These Summer Skin Issues in Horses!

Is it possible for horses to get a sunburn, just like humans do?  Of course!  Keep reading for information on equine sun burns and more summer skin issues in horses.
For horse riders, the summer sun brings perfectly tanned arms and embarrassingly pale legs. We can protect our skin from the harsh rays by applying sunscreen, but […]

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Tips and Wisdom for Building a Custom Horse Barn (as shared by 11 horse lovers)

Are you looking into building a custom barn or remodeling your horse stalls?  We have some trusted advice from horse enthusiasts and farmers, all talking about the favorite features of their horse barn.
Many times, when we’re reading informative articles, we have to wade through all the promotional content to find the good stuff.  Well, let’s cut to […]

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7 Cool Summer Tips to Prevent Overheated Horses!

This is the continuation of 14 Tips on Avoiding Equine Heat Stress This Summer.  We are rounding out the set of 14 tips on preventing overheated horses.
Summer days are well underway now and the heat has begun to wear on us.  We can’t help but think this way, even though we have the privilege of being able to turn […]

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The Best Advice on Leasing a Horse Farm

There are many ways make your dream of a life with horses come true without running out and buying a farm.  Before you take that big of a step, you may want to consider leasing a horse farm.  Think about your ideal life on a horse farm and ask yourself some serious questions.  How much […]

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7 Tips to Avoid Equine Heat Stress This Summer

This is the first article in a two-part series on avoiding equine heat stress and overheated horses in the summer.  To read part two, please click here.
With temperatures still on the rise, the dog days of summer can be detrimental to the health and well-being of your horses.  Most of the Unites States is stuck […]

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Choosing the Right Rubber Horse Flooring for the Job

There are many benefits to using rubber horse flooring in your wash stall, barn, or stall floor but sometimes, figuring out what you need can be challenging.  Different areas of your stable or barn need different types of mats. Regardless of where they are used, they provide a level of safety, comfort, and cleanliness that is unmatched by […]

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5 Tips on Planning Ahead for Hay Shortages

With weather issues and water shortages taking their toll on the nation’s hay supply, many farmers and horse owners are starting to worry about finding hay supplies large enough to feed their stock this year.  It’s been a rough few years, actually, with growers unable to produce the quality hay crop that’s typically in high […]

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